Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Debbie Harry of Blondie Likes Them Girls with Originality!

In a new interview with UK's Q magazine Debbie Harry calls out pop tart of the year Katy Perry calling her personal style un-original while praising 2 cohorts.

The music icon, who was awarded the title of Punkmate of the Month in Punk magazine in the 1970s, revealed that she would choose an artist with new ideas if she had to pick a modern icon.

The Blondie singer prefers the originality of British singer Lily Allen and US pop star Lady Gaga, because they are self-styled and not afraid of trying new influences in fashion and music.

“Oh, Lily Allen or Lady Gaga. They would make great Punkmates. By this I mean she is self-styled and is leading rather than following,” she told British publication Q. “Lady Gaga is doing that same thing too. She has that punk sensibility whereas a woman like Katy Perry seems to be following. She doesn’t look so self-styled to me. They were licking lollypops and kicking a leg up in the 50s. Nothing wrong with that. But punk was very unforgiving of old ideas.”

Tell it like it is Debbie! You can't live life following whats 'in' and 'hot' and Debbie Harry has been the trail blazer for most of pop rocks female voices and personalities.

As we say here on Itsnotyouitsme.org "BE YOURSELF ON PURPOSE!". Blondie is currently on tour in support of their new album 'Panic of Girls'.

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