Saturday, April 23, 2011

Itsnotyouitsme Report 62: Things to Know

Photobucket Simon Cowell Reveals A New Star Coming To His Soon To Be Released "X Factor" Show. - via

Photobucket "Agyness Deyn and Henry Holland Run the London Marathon The designer and his muse both hit the streets this weekend for the 26.2 mile race. Aggy called it a powerful experience, while Holland took to Twitter to exclaim “NEVER AGAIN!" - via

Photobucket "Coach Goes Retro: The handbag company is launching a new collection inspired by hobo, saddle, and duffle Coach bags from the ’70s. The line will be available on Net-a-Porter beginning June 15th." - via

Photobucket "Stores in Australia Charge Customers to Try On Merchandise: Retailers Down Under say that due to a decline in sales, they have resorted to enforcing “try-on fees” that are refunded upon purchase." - via

Photobucket Evan Rachel Wood Poses For Esquire Magazine And Talks Dating Both Guys And Dolls. - via

Photobucket Oh Hell No Mother Nature! Why You Have To Snatch A Man's Burger Like That! Now You've Crossed The Line. - via

Photobucket Super Cute Pets To The Rescue! - via

Photobucket Party With Barack For Only $35,000 A Pop! - via

Photobucket Check Out Miss Thang! Helen Mirren Is A Classy Goddess. - via

Photobucket Kate Middleton Shops At Banana Republic. She Is Quite Despite Being A Future Princess. - via

Photobucket Doc Martens Launch Clothing Line. - via

Photobucket "Anna Dello Russo Has a Barbie." - via

Photobucket "Tom Ford Portrayed as a Frequently Driven Used Car: Boy, if Tom Ford was pissed that Mr.Porter employed some guy named Tom Ford to send emails, imagine how livid he’s going to be when he sees himself in Dale Wurfel’s used car ad. Ad copy: “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” Better hire a lawyer, Mr.Wurfel." - via

Photobucket "Karl Lagerfeld Is Making a Fragrance That Smells Like Books: Karl apparently loves books so much that he wants us to smell like one. His new fragrance, Paper Passion, will contain a “fatty nuance” that supposedly evokes paper. Definitely check out Bella Sugar’s slideshow showcasing the fact that Karl wasn’t the first one to think of the books-as-scent idea." - via

Photobucket "Bulldog Boogie." - via

Photobucket This Kitty Has A Case Of The Sleepies. - via

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