Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Isn't Going Anywhere!

According to fashion writer Lauren Sherman, Tommy Hilfiger is "taking the idea of a temporary boutique to another level. In honor of the label’s collaboration with Preppy Handbook author Lisa Burnbach, Hilfiger and co. have built an 800 square foot “traveling beach cottage,” which opens in New York City on April 28. The cottage–which we’re assuming is of the pre-fab variety–will be open for a week in Manhattan. It will then be moved to two other US cities, as well as a slew of foreign ones, including Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Stockholm, Madrid, Belgium, and Tokyo.

Prep World, the capsule collection sold in this nifty outpost, is an homage to “Hilfiger’s preppy classics with a twist,” But we’d much prefer to see it up close in that house, which will literally seem as though it has fallen from the sky.

Bravoissmo Hilfiger. Sounds neat! Good to hear your pushing your boundaries despite being below the fashion radar in recent years.

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