Blondie: Back To Black

Blondie is punk, Blondie is pop, Blondie was simply one of the baddest rock bands in musique history during the late 70s and early 80s. In the photo opt above, Blondie give an A-class tutorial lesson on how to appropriately wear black with taste. Folks sometimes have thee misconception that if you wear black then anything goes and that's just not the case. First and foremost, if you kiddas wear black on black then at least make sure your garments are on the same color tone level. Meaning, don't wear a brand-new crisp black shirt with your faded almost powder-white looking trousers/skirts. 

 All of Blondie's members are groomed perfectly in black. According to readings, this photo was snapped around 1978, inside what appears to be a very modern, stylized lobby in New York. The composition is outstanding. Its surrounding objects, like the giant spheres and the natural lighting, find themselves bursting through the windows completing this amazing photo opt. But don't forget, it's Blondie we're talking about here, which means each piece was most likely finished with a Punk inspired touch. 

 Tune: Kidnapper

 Tune: Sunday Girl

 Tune: Hanging On The Telephone

 Tune: Eat To The Beat/Picture This. Live in 1979.  

 Tune: Denis. February 1, 1978 in the Netherlands.

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