Kelly Cutrone Is Gonna Teach You Young-ins A Lesson You'll Never Forget

Kelly Cutrone is a spitfire. She's driven and extremely hard working. Tough? Perhaps. A bitch? Sure, sometimes. But the full-time CEO/part-time Dr. Phil mediator, is ready to work on a new show but the question is, are you ready?

Kelly's new show for MTV will be help develop and motivate boys and girls to reach their dreams. The actual casting itself reads, "Kelly Cutrone…is here to push you to achieve your goals. She’s been there, and has the know-how to kick your dreams into gear."

So if any of you dreamers who aren't afraid to chase after their dreams, than Ms.Cutrone is looking for you! She may dismiss any no-nonsense babble that you may have upstairs in that brain of yours but one thing is for sure, she'll guide you with the best intention, while looking into the right direction. The age requirement is between 18-23.

Below is what both Kelly and MTV are looking for in a possible candidate. Draft and revise your letter at your own risk. But nonetheless, a positive sounding one that is.

"MTV is looking for talented, motivated, and dedicated young adults (appear to be 18-23) who want to showcase their talents and passions. Kelly Cutrone knows exactly how to make your dreams a reality, and her candid and no-nonsense approach will help you realize if you have what it takes.

Are you’re tired of hearing “no” and “it is impossible” from the people in your life? Are your parents always telling you to give up and focus on a “real” career? Please send an e-mail to [email protected] telling us a little bit about yourself, your talent, and why Kelly Cutrone should help you."

Scope out Kelly Cutrone on our Mother Matron Chelsea Handler's late-night talk show, "Chelsea Lately".

To get a clear idea and feel for who Kelly Cutrone really is, check out as she swung by Ryan Seacrests' radio show last year in 2010, to talk about a whole lot!

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