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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Have A Very Merry Birthday Miss Queen Of Rock n Roll, Tina Turner!!!

It was hard to find the right words to begin to pay homage to the greatest living female rock n roll artist of all-time. But in honor of the Queen of Rock n Roll turning 71 yesterday, we're gonna attempt to take a look back at Tina's historical musical and style legacy.

Her voice is raw, it has a healthy power-punch that has not only with-stood the test of time but has created a unqiue genre in musique itself.

As Tina famously put it herself, she can give a concert-goer a "nice and easy" experience or they can have it "nice and rough!" Some consider her a feminist model. Which to me makes perfect sense because not only is she a champion for all women including my very own grandmother,(which thanks to her i listened to my first recording of Tina's around the age of 3) but she stands for equal rights. Who happens to look smoldering gorgeous while doing so. She talks demurely but has a fighter-like performance when simply singing. Her vocal ability is on a whole nother realm.

Sure, we have Miss Billie Holiday. We also have Janis Joplin, Cher, Joan Jett, to Madonna to the current strings of obvious admirers from Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Karen-O. Generations before and generations to come will follow suit. Whatever she chooses to sing next, i'll be waiting with open ears.

Tina Turner may have been born "Anna Mae Bullock" in November 26 of 1939 but after a 55 year career, that includes over millions of electrifying performances and multiple mind-blowing recordings...she is and will forever be TINA TUNER! Now, allow the musique to take control and speak for itself...!

Tina Turner "Work Out Fine" medley

Tina Turner performing the tunes "I Wanna Take you Higher", "Come Together" and "Proud Mary" live at the Playboy After Dark show in 1969. Just another smokin performance from the Queen.

She speaks! In a very rare interview, Tina along with whats his name answered questions from the Soul Train Gang. Tina talks about how she and "super regular"(because that's what were worthless individuals that roam this planet) met. Episode 30 recorded in 1972.

Peforming "River Deep Mountain High".

Tina Turner & Beyonce - Live [2008] - Proud Mary

Tina Turner & Beyonce - Live [2008] - Proud Mary
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LIVE AID Mick Jagger & Tina Turner

Tom Jones & Tina Turner Singing Hot Legs.

Tom Jones Tina Turner Hot Legs
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Performance of "Get Back" (written by John Lennon & Paul Mccartney)in Chicago of 1983.

Tina turner Nutbush City 1973

Tina Turner - "Rolling down the river".

Skin Deep by Sharon Mor Yosef & Simon Bosch

The new Sex Issue of Fiasco magazine features the editorial Skin Deep, photographed by Sharon Mor Yosef & Simon Bosch with styling/concept by Pedro Dias. The ménage à trois story (which evokes a bit of an Alejandro vibe in some shots) features models Sander, Jasper and Kim Feenstra. Hair by Marvin Zwart and makeup by Ellen Exter. Courtesy of - Homotography

Malte Paulsen & Felix Schopgens by Justin Wu

Malte Paulsen [Bananas] and Felix Schopgens [Ford Europe] are captured by Justin Wu for the recent Fall 2010 issue of Têtu magazine. The boys were styled by Edouard Lafranque with makeup by Damian Garozzo and hair by Miwa. Courtesy of - Homotography

Excellence in Action by Matthew Brookes

'Excellence in Action’ is one of my favorite Matthew Brookes editorials, published in the fourth issue of Hercules magazine two years ago. Styled by Hannes Hetta, the black & white story features models Viggo Jonasson, Philipp Bierbaum, Adrien Brunier, Stas Svetlichnyy, Gustaf McMahon, Kristian Akergren and Anton Olsson. Courtesy of - Homotography

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