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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Itsnotyouitsme Report 27: Things to Know

Photobucket Inside Kate Moss’ 30th British Vogue Cover: British Vogue’s next issue will mark the the 30th time Kate Moss has covered the magazine and the 6th time she’s covered September in the past 10 years. She looks great on the cover (obviously), showcasing the “minimal chic” look in Burberry. Editor Alexandra Shulman predicts another big trend for Fall will be Fifties full-skirted silhouettes, which will be featured in a story called “God Created Woman”. - via

Photobucket More Couture Kitties: Fashion Cats by Takako Iwasa is now available for pre-order on - via

Photobucket Movin’ On Up: Conde Nast Publications has recently announced its tentative plans to move to the new “Freedom Tower” at Ground Zero in 2014. This means that Vogue, Lucky, and W will all be saying goodbye to their Times Square offices and hello to what will be the tallest building in New York. - via

Photobucket Jessica Biel Gets PhotoMangled: In Jessica Biel’s recent spread for Glamour UK it looks like the photoshop team forgot to finish retouching one of her thighs. Her left arm looks pretty wonky too. - via

Photobucket Haitian citizen Sean Penn is definitely not going to vote for Wyclef Jean as his new president! Others such as Colombian pop star Shakira and Bono have actually met survivors of the Haiti earthquake. - via

Photobucket Hey Boo Boo! - via

Photobucket Joseph Gordon Levitt has taken up a new profession!? - via


Photobucket September 15 to become official Marc Jacobs Day: Not really, but it might as well. This September 15 will mark the designer’s Spring ‘11 runway show, the launch of a new e-commerce site, and the opening of Bookmarc, Jacobs’ new bookstore on Bleecker. They also may want to rename the west village Marc Jacobs Village - via

Photobucket Christina Talks Joan: British GQ’s September issue features a slightly more full-figured cover star than Vogue’s. Christina Hendricks looks amazing and is smart and charming as ever as she talks tight clothes, fake smoking, racism and what makes Joan special. - via


Photobucket Courtney Love continues to look good. - via

Photobucket Quando, Quando, Quando: A trailer for the first film from Dolce & Gabbana Motion Pictures, Quando, Quando, Quando, has hit YouTube. We just want to know quando it’s coming to theaters in America! - via

Photobucket CJon K Still Makes Our Day: In your monthly Jon Kortajarena update, the sultry Spaniard is starring in Pepe Jeans Fall campaign alongside Alexa Chung. Brits are grumbling that Kortajarena upstages Chung, to which we reply: He upstages everyone, except Tom himself. - via

Kanye West

Tune: "Power"
Directed by: Artist Marco Brambilla

It may not be an entire musique video, if you really look at it, it's actually more like a moving painting. But anyhow, take a gander kiddas!

Today On Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis sits down with Steve Carell from "The Office" and they quite possibly discuss "Dinner for Schmucks".

Emma Watson Chops Her Locks

I Adore It!!!
And That's All That Needs To Be Said.

A Wife-Stealing Reindeer

Hide your kids, hide your wives!
There are stealing reindeers around town!

Real Talk: Jack White

"Fuck you, you hip motherfuckers! Why don't you rock the fuck out?! Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats, you hip motherfuckers!" - At The Dead Weather concert in NYC last Wednesday night. Jack White flipped out when the audience was "too cool" to be rocking out to the music.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Richard Avedon

Source: R.V.M.Style

Richard Avedon is not only one of last Century's greatest photographers along with the likes of "Newton, Scavullo, Bailey, Clarke, & Penn. His photos are part of fashion history since not only do they portray fashion at a specific era, but also helped influence it.

Avedon shows us that clothes should be both stylish and functional; and that less is more. Below photographed while shooting an editorial, he opted to wear a pair of Levis 501s, with an epaulettes shirt, and his oval shaped eyeglasses."

Ne-Yo is a Pop Monster

Ne-Yo hits up GMTV and gives a little showcase on why there are no other leading male pop stars. The dancing was spot on and his singing was 10 times better then any of the male "singers" as of late. Initially I was not a huge fan of his new single “Beautiful Monster” but this live performance has now made it a favorite.

Just like the good ol' days, when a song didn't catch your attention at first listen, leave it up to thee'entertainer' to convince you otherwise with their performance.

Watch the carefully, intricate, choreographed performance below!

Academy of the Frozen by Steven Chu

'Shooting Frey Mudd, Evan Santoro, Thomas Hassler, Nick W., Marshall Brockley, Mikael Larsson and Luca Schmitz for TheOnes2Watch, New York-based photographer Steven Chu becomes schoolmaster for a day. On their best behavior, Chu’s pupils are outfitted by Cliff Hoppus in a smart offering that noticeably features the work of up and comer Robert Molnar.' - Courtesy of

Dream Room by Kamil Szkopik

Dream Room by Kamil Szkopik

Francisco Lachowski, Paul Boche, Max Krieger, Doug Bell & Ryan Schira by Marley Kate for Guapo

'It’s a boy’s day out on the boardwalk for Francisco Lachowski, Paul Boche, Max Krieger, Doug Bell and Ryan Schira. One of the prized attractions of Guapo’s recent issue, the gang was photographed by Marley Kate and outfitted by Ian Bradley. Making for quite the interesting group, Kate’s gang hangs out in a cool array of pieces from young labels such as Ksubi, Obesity & Speed and Jeremy Scott.' - Courtesy of

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