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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Emma (Tilda Swinton), the matriarch of a wealthy Milanese family, lives in a carefully ordered world where her duty towards husband and children dominates. But a chance encounter ignites long repressed passions and sets her on a journey of sexual awakening.

Now in Theaters.

Fenton Fallon Creates Magical Pieces For The Fall

Fashionista simply adores Dana Lorenz and her jewelry line (Fenton Fallon). She just released her Fall '10 collection, and fashionista got a peek of a few pieces while at her boutique.

They've described the collection pieces as, "Her signature touches and familiar DNA are still there, but tweaked. Chunky base metal chains are wrapped and stacked, sometimes mixed with Swarovski crystals. We loved a simple white metal three-chain sculptured necklace. The crystal pieces are unusual. Crystals have been made to look like semiprecious stones. Mint alabaster crystals, in a milky shade of jade mix beautifully with opal and ruby-esque crystals."

Her signature bow is present, which kiddas I must confess, I'm obsessing over! Mama yo queiro, mama yo quiero! There's a wing motif that is "light and airier and unadorned"!

And also for all New Yorkers, this weekend Dana will give anyone a 15% off her new Fall pieces starting today through Saturday (July 3). "You have to come to her store in Freeman’s Alley to get the discount. There is also still tons of spring merch available, and it’s all on sale, too. Prices run from $80-$160 for rings and earrings; $120-$150 for bracelets; and $170-$300 for necklaces."


I've always had a soft spot for chunky metal sculpted neck pieces! My last photo-shoot entitled, "Boogie Boy in Bogie Land" featured a similar piece. Just not made with the same beautiful technique as Dana Lorenz's collection.

Listen to the The Black Eyed Peas from Good ol' Days.
Tune: The Boogie That Be


Photographed by Kevin Amato
Fashion Editor: Memsor Kamaraké
Models: Sessilee Lopez at Major and Wendell Lissimore at Red
Hair: Q Hardy
Make-up: Merrell Hollis for Armani Cosmetics
Retouching: Damian Lopez
Fashion Assistant: Clayton C. Coleo
Photo Assistant: Courtney Moore
Special thanks to Inez Bonilla at Major and George Brown at Red
Source: Contributing Editor

Best Dressed: Julianne is Elegant in Erdem while Kirsten and Camilla Sport Sweet Sundresses

Via Fashionista

This week 'Fashionista' is showcasing the beautiful Julianne Moore who wore a gorgeous Erdem gown while Camilla Belle kept it short and sweet in Dior. Kirsten Dunst took a casual stroll through SoHo in an awesome Miu Miu dress while another blond rocked the red carpet in blue Rodarte. Freida Pinto can’t not look gorgeous, but this Oscar de la Renta number certainly doesn’t hurt.

Wow! Who Knew A Deodorant Could Do All That!!!

Old Spice bottle has a brand new commercial out and although it doesn't make me want to apply Old Spice on my pits it does make me wonder about a whole lotta other things!

Be warned: This man can do it all. He is also just an actor.

Shame! Shame! Shame! On You...Kelsi Dagger Backstabs Alexander Wang Edition

Once again, it's a knock-off! Alexander Wang’s Freja bootie was last springs biggest crowd pleaser when it came strutting down the Spring 2010 runways.

Now, Kelsi Dagger (a juniors line from designers 'Pour La Victoire') is serving an exact replica for $185 ($350 less than thee original). It's also being reported that Rachel Zoe (to no surprise! Someone else who has no shame) has no problem rooting for these knock-offs since she's chosen them as one of her "picks" on Piperlime.

Pee Wee Is Officially Back!

Pee-Wee Herman is making it to the theaters once again! Judd Apatow (directer of Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin) spoke to Variety and informed them that he set to produce an all new Pee-Wee film. It shall be co-written by Paul Reubens and Paul Rust.

Judd was quoted saying, "Let's face it, the world needs more Pee-wee Herman. I am so excited to be working with Paul Reubens -- who is an extraordinary and ground-breaking actor and writer. It's so great to watch him return with such relevance."

According to reports, Judd spoke to Paul Reubens about the possibility of a new film after having seen Paul Ruebens sold-out Pee-Wee show in LA, California.

So what does this all mean kiddas? Well aside from the fact that my favorite boy in thee whole entire universe is a loyal fan and he is most ecstatic but this also means that the triumphant return of Pee-wee Herman has been given the green-light and the once rumored project is now full steam ahead!

Kylie Minogue Calls All Her Model Lovers With Attidude

Kylie Minogue is the cover girl for July's Attitude magazine. Flanked by the current 'It' male models such as River Viiperi.

Couple of months ago River blogged about this special photo shoot:

"Well! as you know my plans change every day! lol one day they might tell me that i'm going to be 1 month somewhere and then suddenly they call me and tell me that i'm going to go tomorrow to do another thing. they told me i was going to be in spain and that after easter i was going to go to london,NY,milan or barcelona! but then suddenly the next day! another call! " River! you are coming to london tomorrow morning! " enought time to pack! and go to the airport! and the reason this time was that i had a shoot with kylie minogue!"

"meanwhile i was packing i went on the net and started reading a bit about her! people say that she is not nice and i tottaly disagree! ass soon as i got into the studio yesterday at 3, there she was, getting ready i didn't want to disturb so i went to my room and just stayed there till the other 3 guys came! ass soon as everyone was ready whe jumped in set and she came to say hello to all of us! i said hello in spanish! and started talking to her in spanish knowing that her boyfriend is spanish! and she just kept trying to talk spanish! but thet she just told me that she was really bad in it so we started to talk in english! she is a very nice lady! happy, positive and funny i had lots of fun and the experience about having a shoot with a known singer was really nice! one of the boy asked 12 autographs! and she said OFCOURSE!! she was great!"

Dig Kylie's performance on Thee Jonathan Ross Show.
Tunes: All The Lovers and Love at First Sight!

New York’s Lady Cat(masked) Burglar

Some lady wearing a cat mask in NYC has been ransacking shoe and beauty stores according to the NY Post! They’ve also got video footage as well.

According to the Post, "she’s in her 20s, 5′7″, 120 pounds, possibly Middle Eastern." The best part of this whole spectacle is that the Lady's been wearing a cat mask during these hold ups! She's said to browse shoe stores wearing her cat mask for around 45 minutes before holding the place up.

Her next victims were at a store called Body Shop in Queens. There, she changed looks and put on a black scarf over her head like a Burqa, and stole over $500. Hmm, I wonder what inspired her to use these tactics?

Maybe this film? (An all-time favorite of ours)

Or Perhaps this one? (This film is a visual stunner I tell yah)

V’s “Sexy Body” issue

Is V Magazine your favorite kiddas, well than today is your lucky day! V’s 'Sexy Body' issue is now available on their website in a limited-print scratch-off edition. This issue is only available online.

V66: SEXY BODY ISSUE from V Magazine on Vimeo.

Itsnotyouitsme Report 22: Things to Know

Photobucket Controversial artist Dan Lacey’s latest portraits to commemorate the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and he believes that Michael turned black when he died - via

Photobucket L.A. boutique Confederacy has teamed up with Francisco Costa to reproduce and sell the iconic white Calvin Klein dress that Alicia Silverstone wore in Clueless. (Recall the scene between Cher and her father: “What the hell is that?” “A dress.” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein.”) The dress will be sold online and in-store for $915. We’re, like, totally excited. - via

Photobucket Cate Blanchett was at a media event today for the Sydney Theatre Company’s Greening the Wharf and the installation of 2000 solar panels on the Company’s roof. - via

Photobucket Steven Tyler says,"The band has never been better" Aerosmith's Near Implosion? - via

Photobucket Log Cabin Condoms Promote Offshore Drilling - via

Photobucket Scissor Sisters' Night Work explores the gay underground - via

Photobucket Diesel’s “Be Stupid” ads got a lot of attention when they debuted in the U.S. back in March, but it seems the U.K. is not a fan. The campaign has been banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for indecency and for fear they could “be seen by children and might encourage bad behavior.” Ok, U.K., you hold on to your “Keep Calm And Carry On”; we’ll keep our “Be Stupid.” - via

Photobucket A recent Vogue Hommes Japan shoot with model “Jo Calderone” has got little monsters speculating as to whether “Jo” is really Lady Gaga in drag. We wouldn’t be surprised. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the had sell. - via

Photobucket Dolly Parton’s Old Lady Tits are Still Wonderful of the Day - via

Photobucket Dolly Parton’s Old Lady Tits are Still Wonderful of the Day - via

Photobucket Fendi partners up with Simonette SpA to present a children’s line for kids up to 12-years-old. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. - via


Photographed by Nicholai Fischer
Fashion Editor: Sam Ranger
Hair: Chi Wong at Jed Root using Shu Uemura
Make-up: Mel Arter at CLM using MAC
Models: Ramona, Lindsey Hoover and Tina V at NEXT,
Bara at Storm, Marte at Models 1
Hair assistant: Kota Suizu
Make-up assistant: Freya
Fashion assistant: Cristina Holmes and Vanessa Armstrong
Digital imaging by R&D london ltd
Thanks to Daniel at Studio Private, Ross and Versae at Next,
Joe at Storm and Julien at Models 1
Source: Contributing Editor


Raquel Nave will be having a show of her work at
Mountain Fold Gallery from June 17th through July 17th.
Source: Contributing Editor

"Raquel Nave talks to Editor-in-Chief Matthew Edelstein about sexual expression,
art, fashion and owning the objectification."

ME: How old are you?
RN: 23

ME: Where are you from?
RN: Just north of San Francisco.

ME: How did you get started modeling?
RN: I was discovered by a student photographer at Starbucks.

ME: You’re the only girl represented by the Paris male model agency Success.
Does that arrangement offer any advantages? Disadvantages?
RN: I’m not sure I can find many disadvantages for being
the only woman at a mens agency. The agents are really great people
who I’ve known for years. They’ve seen me grow up, they get me, no bullshit,
no trying to shove you in that cookie cutter mold that so many
womens agencies try to do. They care about the individual, that’s what
really makes them special. We’re a team and we’re in it together.

ME: What is the relationship between modeling and the art that you create?
RN: I was inspired to start taking my own pictures because of modeling.
When I first started modeling I was used to doing shoots with friends and going
through the creative process together.. having creative input. So I got to help
create the image and how I’d look in that image. And as a model when you
continue into the high fashion world, it doesn’t work that way. You’re being told
what to do and everyone else on the shoot gets to have creative input, except for you.
So I started getting quite frustrated you know? Like this is no fun, I wanted to
do this so I could create! I found my pop’s old polaroid camera and it all
started from there. So for me with the photos I’m doing it’s having full power
over my image and what is being created within that image – here’s what I want to say,
here’s how I want to look, here’s what I want to do. My rebellion to what
I’m doing most every other day as a model.

ME: What’s your process for creating art?
RN: My process.. hmm… It’s all very organic the way I work.
I want my work to be primal, raw, free. Without intrusive over-thinking.
So my process is following what I feel, being in the moment.
At the very least, truly living and being aware in that moment.
Capturing what I see and feel then. My other process is just getting
drunk and naked. That always seems to work out about right.

ME: How do you reconcile the objectification of the modeling industry
with the fact that you use your own image in your personal work?
RN: It’s me owning the objectification. Half of the self-portraits I do,
I wouldn’t do the same image with another photographer.

ME: Do you create characters in your art or are you playing yourself?
RN: Hmmmm. Interesting question… I can create characters with the way I look,
but in the end all of these characters are different sides of myself.

ME: What role does sex play in your art?
RN: Sex is the ultimate primal drive for our existence isn’t it? E
verything we do, in the end, is about sex and carrying on our race,
whether we like it or not. And I like it. So sex, yeah, it’s a big part of my work.

ME: How does your own life experience inform your art?
RN: My life is what I make, so everything captures what I live, what I’m living.
It also documents my own journey and evolution into being free, with myself and others.
Or at least I hope it does.

ME: What are your inspirations and influences?
RN: I’m quite obsessed with all the weird ideas and views on sex and nudity
we’ve developed as a society because of religion. That’s always one of the
biggest influences for me. Constantly questioning societal and personal repression.
Other than that, beer, nakedness, laughing, lovers, being free,
having fun, American outlaws.

ME: You just shot a film – tell me more about that experience.
RN: Yeah right now I’m working on a new film based on Cocteau’s Les Enfants
Terrible with Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, director of Johnny Mad Dog. I play Liz,
the sister, to Boyd Holbrook’s Paul, and Omahyra Mota plays Agathe.
Its an amazing experience. Fucking therapy and a half man.
But it’s nice to have a reason to actually push yourself and rip up old shit
and be raw and 100% honest. The good. The bad. I’ve never really felt safe
enough to let myself go all the way there before. You know, into that darkness
we do everything to avoid. It feels a lot nicer when you own it. I can’t wait
till we have the film done and get to share it. It’s just something really
special to all of us. Wonderfully dark and perverted and primal.

ME: What actors and directors would you love to work with?
RN: Steve Buscemi, Sean Penn, Harvey Keitel, Jeff Bridges, Patricia Arquette,
Angelina Jolie, Maggie Gyllenhall, Benicio Del Toro, Robert Deniro, Al Pacino,
David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, John Waters…..this list could go on for awhile.
How is acting different than modeling or making art? In modeling I give
something, but I don’t have to give everything of myself. In my work I’m
giving myself, but only what I want to give. In acting I have to give everything.

ME: What’s your favorite city?
RN: Right now I’m having a love affair with Brooklyn.

ME: Where do you like to go out in New York?
RN: Shitty dives with a good jukebox and a pool table.

ME: What’s your favorite city for partying?
RN: Anywhere I am with good friends and good booze and good music.

ME: What type of music and bands inspire you?
RN: Metal, Stoner, Hardcore, Outlaw country… Eyehategod, Black Flag, Danzig, Misfits,
Hank Williams and III, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Entombed, Dead Moon,
Melvins, Cro-Mags, Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus, High on Fire, Mr. Cash.

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