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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Robyn has unleashed the video for “Dancing On My Own,” which is the first single off Robyn’s upcoming album entitled Body Talk Pt. 1!!! The video was directed by Max Vitali.

Kidddas, I must first say that our musical prayers have been answered because it was just announced that Robyn and Kelis will be teaming up to create some touring magic as they venture out on thee 'All Hearts tour'!!! Besides vomiting with pleasure, we can only imagine the beautifully danced-crazed spectacle that'll take place when this tour launches.

As for the video, Robyn shows what it truly means to be a Star. She is a golden filter to everything in pop musique, performance art and just good ol' fashioned artistry all around. The video has robyn shimmying up a storm while spilling her soul out under the disco lights.

Dig the video and do as we do best kiddas, indulge and be happy...

Tight Knit

"In an industry beset by recession, fast fame, and lots of tweets,
Ohne Titel’s Flora Gill and Alexa Adams keep it together."

Photographed by Jeffrey Cohen
Fashion Editor: Andreas Kokkino
Hair: Andre Gunn at the Wall Group
Make-Up: Sara Glick
Photo Assistant: Bryan Tarnowski and Maria Burns
Retouching: Jasmine Pasquill
Models: Rel and Yulia at Marilyn, River at Major
All Fashion: Ohne Titel
All shoes are by Cesare Paciotti for Ohne Titel
Super by Retrosuperfuture sunglasses
Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses
from Silver Lining Opticians

Courtesy of: The Contributing Editor

Stranger In Paradise

Photographed by David Armstrong
Fashion Editor: James Worthington DeMolet
Grooming: Losi at The Wall Group
Fashion Assistant: Lauren Deleo
Model: Frey Mudd at Red

Courtesy of: The Contributing Editor

Kate Beckinsale is Classy in Cannes, While Diane Kruger and January Jones Keep it Casually Chic

Fashionista is listing this week's best dressed. Diane Kruger (itsnotyou favorite) wore J.Crew with Lanvin heels. Kate Beckinsale wore Balmain. Rachel Bilson looked like a chic Parisian in Isabel Marant. Michelle Williams looked adorable in Suno and Naomi Watts shined in DVF.


Scope out thee first official trailer for the new Dreamworks 3-D flick Megamind. Cast includes Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill! This leads us to believe that the film should be a whole lotta fun to watch once it's released in theatres come November 5!

The following is a plot synopsis of the film... "After super-villain Megamind (Ferrell) kills his good-guy nemesis, Metro Man (Pitt), he becomes bored since there is no one left to fight. He creates a new foe, Titan (Hill), who, instead of using his powers for good, sets out to destroy the world, positioning Megamind to save the day for the first time in his life."

Musique Digs For You Kiddas: Part 6

Musique Digs For You Kiddas: Part 5

Band: Eagle Seagull
Tune: You're the Reason Why I'm Afraid to Die

Band: Harlem
Tune: Cloud Pleaser

Band: Holy Ghost
Tune: Say My Name

Band: Karaocake
Tune: It Doesn't Take a Whole Week

Artist: Velvet Davenport ft. Ariel Pink and Gary War
Tune: Get Out

Pictures Unrelated

The official announcement of the partnership between KFC and Pepto Bismol; you can't have one without the other - boomsy

Drew Barrymore

First of all, it's no surprise that Drew Barrymore is a favorite here on itsnotyou, but the thrilling news that has just poured in is... there is going to be a sequel to The Wizard of Oz! It'll most likely be modern and hilarious. Drew Barrymore is not only set to direct the movie but is allegedly starring in the lead role as well! The film is slated to be called 'Surrender Dorothy'. If you recall, the first Wizard of Oz came out in 1939 and along with that came a successful Broadway adaptation (Wicked) which was an insane hit. But a sequel to the movie has never happened until now!

According to the Daily Guardian.. "The movie follows the great, great granddaughter of Dorothy who has to learn how to use the power of her ruby red slippers to keep The Wicked Witch of the West from taking control of Earth and Oz." "The script was written by Zach Helm and was actually shelved in 2002."

Can we safely assume that we'll being seeing 'Surrender Dorothy' in 3D when it hits theatres, hmm, we think so! Now the question is, who else will star alongside Drew??? What do we think?

The Machine Has Finally Come To An End? American Apparel Edition

American Apparel’s value has dropped by about 40% yesterday according to fashionista. "The Los Angeles-based specialty store announced that it might not be able to pay back a $80 million loan offered up by a London investment firm in March 2009.

While sales over the last year have improved, the company, run by Terry Richardson-kindred spirit Dov Charney, is operating at a huge loss. In fact, the company went $17.6 million over its budget this quarter.

If American Apparel can’t pay that $80 million back by June, it could be forced to close. Do we think that’ll actually happen? Probably not. The company will either make another deal with Lion, or it’ll find additional funding. Whatever happens, it’s pretty obvious that those running American Apparel’s business need some help budgeting. If a company or person is willing to refinance the retailer, the new money source is going to demand that changes be made."

And damn right changes should be made! Wouldn't you agree. But than again we could care little because we've never been fans of American Apparel. Granted we've bought an undershirt or two but it would be a much sunnier place in LA once the uniform attire is no longer available for purchase. Lets not forget thee ridiculous pricing as well!

Kelis: Fleshtone In Stores Now!

Besides having recently released the most brilliant dance record to come out in the last year (Fleshtones), Kelis' appearance on the Jools Holland Show truly showcases the dynamics of when an artist in conjuction with her band pull out all the stops to vitalize the essence of what real dance musique is all about!

Kelis - 4th Of July (Fireworks).

Kelis - Interview and Sweet Dreams.

Kelis - Acapella.

Close Your Eyes

Photographed by Thomas Lohr
Fashion Editor: Grace Koo
Make-up: Stevie Huynh at the Wall Group
Hair: Wesley O’Meara at the Wall Group
Fashion assistant: Allison Dietze
Model: Hartje Andresen at TRUMP
Special Thanks to: Mila McKey

Courtesy of: The Contributing Editor

Marcel Castenmiller by Lowe Seger

'Marcel Castenmiller may easily transition into the role of a gentleman, but that does not mean he has to like the clothes. Shooting a collections story with photographer Lowe Seger and stylist Toby Grimditch, Marcel may not have been a fan of the wardrobe, but he was a pleasure to work with. Seger recalls not remembering how Marcel got booked, but “when [he] saw him on the day of the shoot, [he] really really loved him.” Quite the versatile model, Marcel possesses that certain quality that enables him to go edgy and then easily exude a certain refinement' - Courtesy of

Rainbow Bright

Photographed by Roger Rich
Fashion Editor: Sam Ranger
Hair: Cameron
Make-up: Yin Lee
Model: Nastya at FM
Photo assistant: Matt Foxley
Fashion assistanTS:
Mischa Notcutt and Cristina Holmes
Special thanks to Victoria Rich
at FM and Street Studios
Retouching by Emma Jacob at

Courtesy of: The Contributing Editor

Put it in a Brazilian Love Song

'Attitude magazine went to Brazil for the editorial ‘Put it in a love song’ from their May 2010, Naked Issue.' -

The editorial features models Pablo Morais & Raphael Lacchine with photography by Vicente de Paulo and styling by Frank Strachan.

It's A Killer Asparagus!

According to Splash News, there is an attack of the killer asparagus. It's an aggressive asparagus spears that has been pushing up through the tarred streets of Bibai on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Residents of Bibai have been stunned to see spears of asparagus shooting up through their streets.

"The area is renowned for its cultivation of green asparagus but the healthy foodstuff is turning into a headache for motorists as it erupts through asphalt on rural roads."

Well the end is probably near kiddas. Well maybe not, but if all else fails than grab your Foreman Grill and start cooking! Wait do they even sell them in Bibai?

The Brain Behind H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS Talks Slogan T-Shirts, Harem Pants and Designer Condoms

"BERLIN. Like Wednesday’s celebration in New York, H&M threw Fashion Against AIDS bashes all over Europe this week. Events this side of the pond, however, didn’t involve a Battle of the Bands contest.

So when the party started in Berlin last night, H&M’s new Festival collection garnered most of the attention. Case in point: There was a bigger crowd gathering around the racks of clothes, trying to snap up a pair of harem pants–the item that sold out the fastest last night–than there were guests mingling around the bar area.

Prior to the party, Fashionista chatted with Ninette Murk, original founder of Designers Against AIDS and initiator of H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS, to hear how the project turned from a series of t-shirts to a themed collection.

Fashionista: You originally started Designers Against AIDS in 2004. Why’d you teamed up with H&M in 2007 instead of continuing to work on your own?
Ninette Murk: Well, H&M is better at selling t-shirts than we are. There’s such a network behind it. Javier [Barcala, Murk’s business partner] and I were two journalists trying to get our t-shirts out, but H&M was able to create the campaign; everyone was able to work at what they were good at.

How has the initiative evolve over the years?
The first two collections were only t-shirts and hoodies. That was the basic concept. Now for the third collection, since it’s been two years, H&M suggested something different and that’s how the Festival Collection–complete with sleeping bags and tents–came about. I actually told them to do condoms, too. Those are now in a little wash bag together with a towel, mirror and sleeping mask, but I really hope that next year, they’ll be courageous enough to sell condoms separately in boxes. Then you could even have designers or celebrities create the packaging.

Are you attending any of the parties this week?
No, I live in Belgium, it’s too small to throw a party here. But I went to see the collection launch at the Antwerp store this morning and was surprised at how many people bought the tents and sleeping bags. Some were even trying to put pieces on hold.

How much were you involved in the planning process of the events around the world?
I contacted the PRs in each country and asked if they’d like to invite representatives from AIDS charities and support groups. Japan and Germany were the only ones that wanted to do that. I think that’s a missed opportunity for America–They can do with a bit of safe sex information. But H&M had its reasons not to do this there. I don’t like that the safe sex message has disappeared this time. There should always be an element of raising awareness so I was thinking we should’ve had a slogan like ‘Shop and Think’ to go with the collection. However, I also know they’re a fashion company concentrating on the clothes and we’re glad to be involved because there’s a donation.

And did you have a word to say about the look of the collection?
Yes, I suggested some pieces. Like the harem pants. Those are originally mine, I had them at home and told them that you can’t do a festival collection without harem pants. H&M then copied them. Well, except my originals don’t have pockets.

What direction would you like Fashion Against AIDS in next year?
This morning I thought, “Wow, now we have an entire collection.” Next time, I would like to have a culmination of everything we’ve done so far: A complete collection, a safe sex slogan and celebrities speaking out. That would be my dream scenario.

Beyonce’s “Halo” Video: Thee Alternative Edition

Apparently Beyonce has no real desire on taking a break anytime soon and after her last video for ''Why Don't You Love Me', we're not complaining one bit!

Beyonce decided to release the alternate version for her Grammy-winning tune 'Halo'. If you recall the original version, this newer version has done a complete 180. There are darker settings with actor Michael Ealy (whom stays the love interest in both videos) being hunted in the woods and eventually murdered by a shadowing figure whose appearance you never see. Beyonce than dashes to locate him while driving swiftly in her automobile as nostalgic memories flash back to happier moments with Ealy taken from thee first video.

Enough chit-chat, dig the video below!

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