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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Katie Melua

The Flood is the first single from Katie’s new album The House. The album is set to release on May 24th and the enchanting tune is written by Katie Melua along with Guy Chambers and Lauren Christy.

An alluring and hauntingly beautiful voice added with the fine styling of music producer William Orbit, really set the tone for this musical adventure. The choreography is unlike anything we've seen lately in musique videos. Bodies colliding into one another, dramatic sounds and lyrics narrate this video quite perfectly. It's simply a flood of musical and visual brilliance!

Nicolas Ripoll by Laurent Humbert | Solar Eclipse

'160g coverboy Nicolas Ripoll escapes the apparent heat wave in photographer Laurent Humbert’s Solar Eclipse. Quite the shapeshifter, Nicolas stays cool in the light styling of René Gloor. From Julius and Rick Owens to Kris Van Assche, Gloor creates a fashionable summer paradise.' -

Kids Have All The Fun In Vogue Nippon

Lauren @ fashionista brought back these images from Tokyo, and this Vogue Nippon is simply S'Wonderful!

Gap’s New Scent

Have any of you worn any type of Gap perfume in the past??? Well, I never have nor have I known anyone. But apparently fashionista has and that is why they’re ecstatic with Gap's new fragrance for females. Titled 'Stay'... it's comes out on April 25, the light scent is described as a mix of "green hydrangea, spicy freesia, lotus, white peony and a bit of musk and driftwood to tone down the floral notes." The better news is, the prices are far out! It's $8 for 10ml, and $25 for 50ml.

If anyone plans to take a whiff of this new fragrance, than when you do, please do tell...

Heidi Klum Gives Jay Leno An Overdue Makeover

Heidi Klum visited with Mister Jay Leno on the tonight show and spoke about many things including her new hairdo, explaining, "I got bored, as we all do every once in a while. I had to chop it off." But she didn't stop there, Heidi gave Jay's infamous 'spot the dog' hairdo a complete t.v makeover...

Now the question is kiddas, are we digging Heidi Klum’s 70s inspired boyish haircut?
What style of hair are you feeling is fit for this summer?

Talk Of The Day: Dita Von Teese

“Although I am a big fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s night time looks, their casual, popping into Starbucks, look that people want to pay money to get. I can’t stand it!,” she told Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

“I have a very strange set of rules for myself,” Dita shared. “I’m perfectly comfortable being onstage wearing next to nothing but I have rules in my normal life. Hemlines must always be below the knee. They are all things that probably don’t make sense to other people, but they are my personal rules.”- The burlesque dancer recently said that doesn’t care if women don’t want to wear underwear, but wishes they’d stop dressing like homeless people.

Vogue’s Throwing New York’s Biggest Fashion Show for Fashion’s Night Out 2010

Britt over @ fashionista is talking about how on September 7, Fashion’s Night Out is hosting what is rumored to be the biggest fashion show ever produced in New York City.

'By biggest, they mean over 200 models on the runway and 1500 seats for onlookers. We can’t even fathom a fashion show with 200 models, and 200 looks, but it sounds like a proper extravaganza. Instead of focusing on specific designers, the show will feature fall’s biggest trends.

“We felt it is important for people see what wonderful fashion will be in stores at that moment. This show will focus on the key trends we’ve identified for Fall so that shoppers will have plenty of inspiration to join the fun during Fashion’s Night Out,” says Anna Wintour.

That is, after all, the objective to get customers to shop during Fashion’s Night Out three days later so expect a parade of shearling, a military and camel.

Vogue’s partnering with Spec Entertainment to produce the show, which, when combined with FNO’s proven celebrity presence should make for a successful special on CBS on September 15.

However, if you’d rather see it live, tickets to the show will go on sale at Lincoln Center’s box office this summer and a portion of the proceeds will go to The New York City AIDS Fund.'

Now, watching it on t.v sounds fun and all but I think an excursion to NYC during Fashion's Night Out is in order. Wouldn't you agree??? I know what you're thinking, if only it were that simple huh...but hey there's plenty of time to save up your pennies now!

Joel McHale & Ken Jeong Declare Thumb Wars!

The Soups Joel McHale along with his 'Community Star' co-star Ken Jeong bust out their thumb socks in this promo from their PSA shoot with

In the PSA, the co-stars encourage teens to fight texting and driving. Texting while driving makes you four times more likely to be involved in a car crash people! Order your own thumb socks at for yourself and companions...

James Hampson by Alexander Neumann | One Fine Day

Photographer Alexander Neumann and stylist Danny Santiago deliver yet another beautiful editorial–this time starring none other than James Hampson. Exhibiting a bohemian spirit at heart, James is drawn to the river for a spread based around swimwear from the season’s usual contenders, which include Gucci and D&G among others. -

Lily Donaldson by Steven Klein | Erotica

'Madonna might not be featured in this Steven Klein editorial, but her influence is very much there. ‘Erotica’ is an Alexander McQueen tribute by Klein and Carine Roitfeld in the new May 2010 issue of French Vogue.'

'An almost unrecognizable Lily Donaldson is transformed by Paul Hanlon (hair) and Stephane Marais (makeup) as she wears some of McQueen’s most iconic creations.' -

Nils Butler by Bell Soto

'When’s you are as beautiful as Nils Butler, it’s understandable that you’d be obsessed with your body. Bell Soto captured Nils as he captures himself in this sensual series.' -

Battle of the Giants by Matthias Vriens-McGrath

'Photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath consistently delivers one scandalously hot editorial after the other. His latest is Kampf der Giganten (Battle of the Giants) in the new Spring/Summer 2010 issue of FHM Collections.'

'The two giants are Major’s Doug Porter and Dustin 'Duke' Dlouhy (team Doug!), styled by Michael Kucmeroski with casting by Andrey T.' -

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