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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Snow & Ashes

Synopsis: 'Blaise Dumas(Rhys Coiro), war correspondent for Frontline Reporters, covers an armed confict in Eastern Europe. When he wakes from a temporary coma in his home town in Canada, Blaise discovers that his long time collaborator and photographer has not come back with him. He then sets out to recapture the events that led to his friends disappearance and his own narrow escape from the war zone. A compelling human post-modern western tale that forces us to ponder and reflect on the unpredictable choices of life and on the strength of the media and the sacrifices that journalists must make for their craft.'

Keith Haring x Tommy Hilfiger Arrives at Colette

"Another week, another collaboration.

Tommy Hilfiger and the Keith Haring foundation launched a line of shoes at Colette today. They’ll be on sale for two weeks at the Parisian concept store, with a broader release set for the autumn of this year.

Their lovechild consists of sneakers and Wellington boots covered in Haring’s most famous paintings.

There are skinny tennis shoes with the Barking Dog and chunky rain boots with the Dancing Man for men, women, and their trendy children.

This is, of course, yet another attempt on Hilfiger’s behalf to regain its fashion cred. But what’s the big difference between this and the Mona Lisa underwear available at the Louvre?" Fashionista

Underoos are one accessory(whether you choose to wear em or not.) But some neat wellies never hurt no one. I want a pair! Si si para me.

Darwin Deez

Tune: Constellations

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Pierce Taylor by Mariano Vivanco | Feed Back

'If Jesus Christ wore Rick Owens and was a fan of grunge & Goth rock, he would look like Pierce Taylor [Wilhelmina] in ‘Feed Back’ by Mariano Vivanco. Inspired by the definition of derelict, the fierce Pierce was styled by James Valeri with hair by Brent Lawlerin for the new issue of Wonderland magazine.' Homotography


Presenting 23 year old model Francois Schoder [LA Models].

Meet Oscar: A Cat That Can Predict Death

I always believe animals have six sense, they can sense danger coming like an earthquake. A cat named Oscar in Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island knows who’s going to die an hour later. It predicts patients’ deaths by curling up next to the patients in their final hours. Therefore, the aloof cat is called “furry angel of death”.

If you doubt about the extraordinary gift of Oscar and think this is just happened coincidently, in fact Oscar has “predicted” about 50 correct calls over five years. Sometimes Oscar is more accurate than the medical staff. Nurses once placed Oscar in the bed of a patient they thought gravely ill. Oscar wouldn’t stay put, and the staff thought his streak was broken. Turns out, the medical professionals were wrong, and the patient rallied for two days. But in the final hours, Oscar held his bedside vigil without prompting.

David Dosa, 37, a geriatrician and professor at Brown University, Rhode Island, who treats patients with severe dementia, was skeptical when he was first told about Oscar. He explains the process in a book released this week, “Making Rounds With Oscar: “The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat.”

Dosa’s essay about Oscar in the New England Journal of Medicine published in 2007 made the cat famous. He once feared that families would be horrified by the furry grim reaper, however, he found that many caregivers consider Oscar a comforting presence. Some of them even have praised Oscar in newspaper death notices and eulogies.

“Maybe they’re seeing what they want to see,” he said, “but what they’re seeing is a comfort to them in a real difficult time in their lives.”


'If it was up to me I would make illegal coach class in every planes. Traveling became pure nightmare and something that brings back pleasure into transportation is needed asap.

Is the Aircruise concept the future of flying?
I do not know. Would we fly the Aircruise concept? Absolutely.

The only 'down side' is that a London to New York cruise will take up to 37 hours as opposed to the 7 it takes now. Which means our Los Angeles Paris commute would take about two and a half day. The only question would be, can you handle it longer and better!?

To balance the down side the Aircruise concept features penthouse apartments, bars and dizzying glass viewing floors. Comfort over speed I am all for it. This would be like traveling on a spa with your own cabin and the possibility to work via internet connection from a real office not an airplane table tray.' Courtesy of Ohlala Mag

Tom Ford SS10 ft. Nicholas Hoult & Carolyn Murphy

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign featuring Nicholas Hoult and Carolyn Murphy, shot by Tom Ford.

'The February 2010 issue of American Vogue features these two fun images. Above we have Tom Ford & Nicholas Hoult by Terry Richardson in 'Teen Spirit'. Below is Caroline Trentini by Steven Klein in 'Lust, Caution'.'Homotography

Lust, Caution & Teen Spirit

Clément Chabernaud by Karim Sadli | Balmain SS10

'French model Clément Chabernaud showcases the new Balmain Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Christophe Decarnin with photography by Karim Sadli.'Homotography

Friday, February 5, 2010

… But Human After All

'Photographer Antonella Arismendi returns to 160g magazine in their new February 2010 ‘Bionic Art’ issue, a celebration of fearless fashion. Her editorial ‘But Human After All’ finds model Luciano Rivarola going through a metamorphosis of style that includes corsets, dresses with helmets, and leggings.'Homotography

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