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Friday, January 29, 2010

Orlando Bloom by Terry Richardson | ME&CITY Campaign

'Actor Orlando Bloom stars alongside model Agyness Deyn in the new ME&CITY Spring 2010 ad campaign by Terry Richardson. The ads have the vibe of candid personal photos taken by one of your buddies.' Homotography

Me & Myself by Fabio Costì

'The melancholic sensuality of the editorial ‘Me & Myself’ by Italian photographer Fabio Costì instantly drew me in and evoked an assortment of emotions that include longing, desire, sorrow and hope. The editorial features models Jonathan and Kevin, and it was published in the first (and last) issue of "8 1/2" magazine.' Homotography

Jimmy Kimmel Hits Back At Jay Leno

Did you get a chance to see Jay Leno on Oprah? It felt like a few screws were left very loose. Throughout the duration of the interview it seemed Jay was purposely trying to say everything he could(or what was already planned) to redeem himself in the public eye.

Here are a couple clips of Jay's interview on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. Jay explained what was happening behind the scenes at NBC that led to his retirement announcement in 2004.

Jay on dealing with the other comedians' jokes...

Jimmy Kimmel didn't let Jay Leno's "sucker punch" allegation go unanswered. On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Jimmy hit back.


Kelis trotted into the Data Awards in Los Angeles last night

Meet A Japanese Businesscat

This Japanese commercial is the kind of commercial "we" Americans need.

Michael John Whittaker by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia

'Photography twins Aline & Jacqueline Tappia take Michael John Whittaker out to the woods for a laid back shoot.' Homotography

Filed Under: What the Mahjiggers??!! Delusional Edition

"The wife of disgraced US pastor Ted Haggard says counselling has successfully freed him of his gay urges and made their marriage "better than ever".

Gayle Haggard appeared on MSNBC's Today programme to say that her husband's therapy had given him the "tools" to deal with his compulsions.

The founder of Colorado's New Life Church, Mr Haggard was forced to resign leadership of the church and the presidency of the National Association of Evangelicals in 2006 after allegations emerged he had hired rent boys and taken drugs with them.

The evangelical preacher, who counselled George W Bush, was a vocal opponent of gay marriage but was plunged into scandal when prostitute Mike Jones revealed they had had an three-year sexual relationship.

Speaking to Today presenter Meredith Vieira, Mrs Haggard revealed that on the night her husband admitted some of the allegations were true, she allowed him into the marital bed.

She explained her decision: "Broken people need to be touched, and by reaching out, Ted was pleading for my help."

Mrs Haggard continued: “In Ted’s case, he had had some experiences as a child that kept replaying themselves in his mind. Once he went to therapy he was able to identify that and was given the tools to deal with it. Because of that, he no longer has those compulsions. That’s not true for everybody. That’s his story.”

She added: “Our relationship is better than it’s ever been. Going over this mountain together has given me the marriage that I’ve always longed for." By Jessica Geen of Pinky3

Sustainable Design Shouldn’t Be an Option, it Should Be a Given, Says Panel

Last night Fasionista attended a panel at Pratt Institute featuring Barneys’ fashion director Julie Gilhart, Slow & Steady Wins the Race designer Mary Ping and Uluru designer Caroline Priebe. They talked about sustainable design, but it wasn’t your typical marketing spiel. Indeed, these three women are passionate about design with a conscious. But their cause is less about being 100% organic or 100% ethical and more about making an effort to simply “do better.”

The panel agreed that while the fashion industry is far from creating a community of wholly sustainable products, it should be a future goal. And instead of assuming that’s what the consumer wants, fashion designers and retailers should be dictating to shoppers that’s it’s a necessary development."

"Be passionate about design with a conscious"

How to Read with Bruce Weber in VMAN

'We applaud VMAN and Bruce Weber for encouraging literacy with the editorial ‘How to Read’ in the upcoming 17th issue. The cheeky editorial features models Benedict Tufnell, Joey Slomowitz, Bart Grivvy, Matt Raimo and Josh Truesdell with styling by Deborah Watson.' Homotography

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Hidden Place of Luciano Rivarola & Facundo Pellegrino

The seemingly innocent ‘Hidden Place’ might fool you with its beautiful scenery and the pure faces of models Luciano Rivarola and Facundo Pellegrino. But it actually explores the naughty topic of exhibitionism and sex in public places.It does so, however, in a much more demure way than the controversial Dogging editorial. Hidden Place is photographed by Naguel Rivero and styled by Matias Errazuriz, whom we have to thank for sharing with homotography these stellar images.

A Calvin Klein Attitude by Kai Z Feng

2010 NRJ Award Performances

Artist: Mika
Tune: Rain

Artisit: Rihanna
Tune: Russian Roulette

J.D. Salinger Has Died

J.D. Salinger, the infamous author has died at the age of 91. J.D.'s son said that his father passed away from natural causes at his home in New Hampshire.

For the past few decades, J.D. has lived in total isolation in his small house. But even though J.D. hasn't been in the public eye, he has been in most of our lives thanks to his books Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zoe.

Rest in Peace, J.D.

Don’t Rain On My Lacroix!

Glee's Mark Salling: I Got My Start In A Heineken Commercial!

Mark Salling graces the pages of Vman magazine’s forthcoming Issue #17, on newsstands Thursday, January 28.

In the issue’s “How to Audition for Your Dream Role” story, the 27-year-old Texas native shared how he got his start in show biz.

“I did a Heineken beer commercial when I was about 11 years old, in Dallas,” he shared. “The commercial was about these guys who were having a flashback to their earlier days in a garage band, and I was part of the flashback. I know, everyone says an 11-year-old can’t do a beer commercial, but I did.”

“Even then, I guess I was pretty rock and roll,” he concluded.

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