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Interview's Faces of 2010

Interview magazine is reflecting on the year that's concluding, and what a year 2010 was for fashion, musique, and film. Some of the faces featured in the year end's mag include itsnotyou darlings, Alexander Wang, Blake Lively, Carey Mulligan, Nick Minaj, Ryan Gosling, and James Franco. The magazine offers a brief bio along with a quote from each entertainer featured in a portfolio type manner . Below are a few descriptions and images featured from the article.

The Transformer: Blake Lively; The Consummate Professional: Ryan Gosling; The Graduate: Emma Watson; The Newly-Minted Icon: Carey Mulligan; The Renaissance Man: James Franco; The Networker: Jesse Eisenberg; The Breakthrough Rapper: Nicki Minaj

After reading every profile, I chose to highlight my favorite quote, selecting designer, mister Alexander Wang! Quotable in 2010...
"The funny thing is there's this impression that everyone in fashion is so glamorous and that they live these tall-tale lives. For me, what I love most about my social life now is that it's exactly the same as it was before: hole-in-the-wall restaurants, bad movies, and a lot of sitting around with friends doing absolutely nothing," Wang declared to Diane von Furstenberg in March."

For the complete issue, dig it here kiddas...

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