Gwyneth Set To Portray Miss Marlene Dietrich?!!?

Reports have flooded in that Miss Gwyneth Paltrow is set to portray the ultra-legendary actress Marlene Dietrich in a two-part TV movie. The film will be produced by EuropaCorp TV but first launched with the support of HBO and BBC. The biopic is rumored to based upon the biography that was written by Dietrich’s daughter and close friend, Maria Riva.

Marlene is part of the Golden Era in cinema films which means she was a triple threat in all sense of the phrase. She was an actor, singer, cabaret dancer, and an all around glamorous goddess. Now were not quite sure what to make of this kiddas. To us, Gwyneth either nails the roles she portrays or goes unnoticed. Sure she's played nicely with the Glee kids and according to reports does swell in the film "Country Strong". So were enthused to see how Miss Paltrow pans out with this project. She has some mighty large shoes to fill.

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