Thursday, December 23, 2010

Because We Have One In Every Friend And/Or Family: Sleek and Stylish Tech Accessories

As the headliner reads, we all know someone in our inner-circle who must always carry the latest trend in technology with them. On a personal level, I find it hard just to keep my phone in my possession, let alone would I be able to keep in tact a pretty chic accessory without misplacing it. But alas, for all you fancy tech freaks(i mean that nicely) the gods have delievered.

If you have an iPad, well, its that time of season for "those who appreciate great form in their high-function gadgets will get what they’ve wished for."

I get it, iPads allow a perfectly color high-definition screen for your viewing pleasure. It has multiple apps, and now because of that many collections that appeared on the runway were inspired by clean and bold lines. Graphic colors were popping which go nicely with the iPad's accessories. You can dress it up with the help of Stella McCartney, Dooney & Bourke, L.V, Chanel and Oscar de la Renta. Many other designers offer covers that intertwine with their current thread collections.

Above is Stella's design which is simple black faux-leather cover with metal edging. And of course not all fashion related technology is connected to the iPad. From the likes of photographer Nick Knihgt to the late-great Alexander McQueen, lets all give a rousing applause to our personal computers which we all have. And if we didn't have this connection, than we wouldn't have each other kiddas.

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