Friday, September 17, 2010

Will Ferrell Summons A Couple Fine Men

Two stars from the cult classic film “Y tu mama tambien,” Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, have been casted in a upcoming Spanish language comedy starring Will Ferrell! The film is tentatively entitled "Casa de mi padre". It is being directed by Matt Piedmont.

No specific details have been said in regards to the film but sources say that the story is going to be shot in an overly dramatic fashion, not dissimilar to Spanish language TV shows. Uh-oh you know what that means kiddas, there will be sneaky plots, hair pulling and yelling like nobody's business. All the while abuelita sits in the corner and stays mum until she slaps everyone upside their heads and sets everyone in their place. The film will have English subtitles. Also starring will be Genesis Rodriguez, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Hector Jimenez and Adrian Martinez. Rodriguez will play Ferrell’s love interest with Luna playing his brother and Bernal a family friend.

It will be interesting to watch Will work his Spanish skills on the silver screen!

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