Saturday, September 4, 2010

And So The Story Goes...

This woman is truly a spectacle! A hilarious spectacle that is. Oh thank goodness for quirky REAL LIFE individuals that remind me that not everything in life is fake and scripted or exaggerated just for the cameras. Something tells me this woman is recounting her story and telling it like it is to her neighbors and local store owners!

Basically what happened was, this woman was getting coffee on a wednesday night, when two armed men entered a Shell gas station on Bannister Rd. in Kansas City and demanded money, when all of a sudden...BAM! It happened! What you ask? Allow this darling woman to fill you in (as told to KMBC-TV).

What would we do without the eccentric? Here at we celebrate Ms. Eccentric Aunt Cathy! She is who she is ON PURPOSE ;)

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