Thursday, August 19, 2010

Talitha & John Paul Getty in Rome

It was 'The Swinging 60s' in London, England and it they were like parsley, just everywhere! Who am I speaking off you ask? Well they are only Miss Talitha & John Paul Getty. Their polished bohemian/hippie threads were a constant feature in their wardrobe and what ultimately made them fashion wearing powerhouses during the 60s. "The Gettys" were married in 1966. From London to Rome, they were treated as eye-candy from on-lookers wherever they strolled around. "Their carefree attitude and style were the key says once source." Here, they were shot on Rome's Via dei Condotti strutting psychedelic floral print outfits. John Paul rocked a shirt whose print was somewhat alike to Talitha's jacket top. He's also wearing what seems to a be metal belt. Talitha choice to strut a neck piece along with a pair of Roman sandals.

In 1969 the Gettys posed for Lord Lichfield on a terrace in Marrakech wearing kaftans, the result was one of the most iconic photographs of the 60s.

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