Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glee Covers Emmy

Glee covers Emmy magazine’s Issue No. 3 "For Your Consideration" series.

Below are some quotes ripped from the magazine's excerpts!

Jane Lynch, on Sue Sylvester... "There’s a real person beneath the bravado who wants to be accepted and loved although she would never show that. In her narcissistic view of the world, everything’s about one-upping and victory. I had an acting teacher in college we called the Dragon Lady. She taught through shame and humiliation, and when she walked down the hall, people would part like the Red Sea."

Lea Michele, on why she’s drawn to playing Rachel... "The minute I read Rachel Berry, I felt such a connection to her. Her drive and passion for singing and performing – that’s my therapy in life. It helps me learn who I am. Rachel’s on that same journey."

Chris Colfer, on mastering the 'Single Ladies' dance... "Being told to dance one of the most iconic dances in pop culture when you can barely tap your shoes? Yes, I was proud of myself."

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