Burlesque - Not The Same Old Song And Dance

USA Today released some visually exciting photos from Christina Aguilera's first upcoming movie 'Burlesque' starring with the living legend Cher.

From the photos you can see how much of a spectacle this movie looks to be. Also co starring is actor Stanley Tucci.

USA Today comments " Christina Aguilera acts! Cher returns! Song, dance, naughty jokes and skimpy costumes galore."

Were already in line!

Below are some more photos and captions from the director.

'Small-town girl, big dreams
Aguilera’s Ali runs away from Iowa in search of fame and ends up waitressing at The Burlesque Lounge on the Sunset Strip. But not for long. “Christina really takes it all off in terms of makeup and hair for a lot of the movie,” says director/writer Steven Antin. “She looks like a girl right off the farm.” That is until Kristen Bell’s headliner, Nikki, shows up tipsy one night and Ali must fill in.'

A burlesque star is born
Ali helps turn what once was a lip-sync club into a singing-and-dancing revue after she displays her vocal fireworks onstage in numbers like But I’m a Good Girl. The 12-song soundtrack includes four originals written by Aguilera.

She works hard for the money
Cher is Tess, owner of a retro club who has a modern-day problem: She can’t make the payments on her over-mortgaged property. It took Antin three tries before the Oscar winner for 1987’s Moonstruck would finally agree to take the part, her first major movie role in more than a decade. When she read the script, she told Antin, “This character is me. I can do this with my eyes closed.”

Two of a kind in a full house
Together, Ali and Tess manage to transform the Burlesque Lounge into a success. After meeting Cher for the first time on the set, Aguilera says, “I found her kind and warm, welcoming me with open arms - which was nice, coming in as a newcomer.” Meanwhile, Tess - also a performer - “sees a lot of herself in Ali’s character.” For the record, Aguilera’s favorite Cher films are Mermaids and The Witches of Eastwick.

Showbiz soul mates - sort of
Stanley Tucci is Sean, the lounge’s stage manager, a go-to guy for the gals and best friend to Tess. “They have a history,” Antin says. “He is gay but they were once involved.” Other men in the cast include Cam Gigandet (Twilight) as Jack, Ali’s piano-playing love interest; Eric Dane as entrepreneur Marcus, who tries to woo Ali away; and Alan Cumming as Alexis, the gender-bending doorman.

Lace, leather and crystals - oh, my
Every night, Tess and Sean put together the costumes for that evening’s performance. “The closet is every girl’s dream, filled with fabulous outfits,” Antin says of the hangers mostly filled with vintage and secondhand wear. Its contents? “Swarovski crystal-beaded dresses, corsets and bustiers, sailor hats and mismatched gloves.”

Below is Christina Aguilera's tune "My Girls" Featuring Peaches off the just released record BIONIC!

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  1. omg ill be one of the first in line and yes im a xtina fan and when i say this i say it in a nice way why cant she go to that nice warm look It looks good on her no?

  2. I'm with you on that one. I'll be in line on opening day but as far as Christina going back to a more basic look...she's been there and done that. We cannot expect an artist to quite their evolution of creativity because that is why they're in the business there in to begin with. It's all about exploration and learning new things about yourself and using those new experiences as tools to push your own vision. No worries though, Chrisitna will be around forever now, she's a legend and well get thee "old" Christina back eventually. Till than, just embrace and celebrate the beauty which spills from that brilliant imagination of hers.

    -Love Wildly


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