Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bizness Boy Back In Action!!! In LA That Is

We're back kiddas from our trip to NYC (miss us)! The journey was truly a dream come true for us here at itsnotyouitsme!

As far as the very special singer, songwriter and producer we had the honor and pleasure of sitting down with for a one on one interview was none other than groundbreaking Universal Island Records recording artist V V Brown!!!!!! Wow that was a mouthful! We are currently in the middle of writing thee article which will not only be featured here but in other forums across the web as well. Saucy eh?!

I will say this though...V V Brown was simply immaculate in so many shapes and forms, which you will all have the pleasure of reading very soon! We had a ton of fun and whats most important and vital for any artist in the musique industry is that there real with themselves,their musique and with their fans...and let me tell you, V V Brown embodies that to the fullest!

Here are just a few sneak peeks of the images we took as well!

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