Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vogue’s Throwing New York’s Biggest Fashion Show for Fashion’s Night Out 2010

Britt over @ fashionista is talking about how on September 7, Fashion’s Night Out is hosting what is rumored to be the biggest fashion show ever produced in New York City.

'By biggest, they mean over 200 models on the runway and 1500 seats for onlookers. We can’t even fathom a fashion show with 200 models, and 200 looks, but it sounds like a proper extravaganza. Instead of focusing on specific designers, the show will feature fall’s biggest trends.

“We felt it is important for people see what wonderful fashion will be in stores at that moment. This show will focus on the key trends we’ve identified for Fall so that shoppers will have plenty of inspiration to join the fun during Fashion’s Night Out,” says Anna Wintour.

That is, after all, the objective to get customers to shop during Fashion’s Night Out three days later so expect a parade of shearling, a military and camel.

Vogue’s partnering with Spec Entertainment to produce the show, which, when combined with FNO’s proven celebrity presence should make for a successful special on CBS on September 15.

However, if you’d rather see it live, tickets to the show will go on sale at Lincoln Center’s box office this summer and a portion of the proceeds will go to The New York City AIDS Fund.'

Now, watching it on t.v sounds fun and all but I think an excursion to NYC during Fashion's Night Out is in order. Wouldn't you agree??? I know what you're thinking, if only it were that simple huh...but hey there's plenty of time to save up your pennies now!

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