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Meet Tamara Lowe Kiddas, 'The hardest working motivational Christian lady rapper in the business.' And don't forget about that glamorous hair either. Raise your hands(you can stop there if you want) and praise JESUS for that hair! Unfortunately, Tamara no longer has those beautiful curls, because angels sliding down her spirals decided to re-invent her look.

Now moving on from her old hair, below is a video of Tamara doing what she does best, I guess you can say, rapping in the name of the lord! Now brace yourselves kiddas cause Tamara spits out words faster than Lagerfeld can get his male models undressed. So Def Jam Islands may be not be interested in signing Tamara anytime soon but Akon may be since he's apparently the new self-appointed chief of all things in musique. Perhaps Lil'Jon and Kesha can collaborate on a future project and include Tamara on the venture ???

Nonetheless, the bottom line of her rhyme is...

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