Bizness Boy In NYC

Wikipedia says 'New York exerts a powerful influence over global commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, education, and entertainment.' They are correct.

Another trip to NYC for 'bizzness' and pleasure... will be on a short break as we jetset to the home of Debbie Harry, Marc Jacobs , Jay-Z and Miss Liberty herself.

I will be interviewing a very special female English recording artist, songwriter and producer signed to Universal's Island Records in the United Kingdom and to EMI's Capitol Records in the United States. Saucy eh?!

Besides the "L.O.V.E" I will be "Crying" in NYC as I will also be partaking in a lovely photo shoot and - well just living it up. Its in the air, how can you not inhale!

See yah kiddas back here next week!

-Love Wildly

Paloma Faith

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