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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dave Salmoni: Shirtless Sexy for Flaunt Magazine!

"Animal Planet’s predator expert Dave Salmoni strips down for a photo shoot yet in the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine."

The 34-year-old Canadian animal trainer shared some very enlightening thoughts...

“I think the sexiest think you can do is get into conservationism,” “I believe that the most conservation problems have become a financial discussion. Most of these problems are in poor countries where the population needs the same resources that the animals need. That conflict always results in the animals coming off second best.”

Dave continued, “When people start to realize that fresh water is going to be our most important asset over the next 50 years, you’re really going to see people say, ‘Why don’t we have any clean, fresh water? Oh, we didn’t conserve. Generally speaking, people would like to have animals around. But when push comes to shove, they would also like to have that really nice car.” Via J.J

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