Saturday, February 27, 2010

You're So Vain

"Who is Carly Simon singing about?" The Sun says that "You're So Vain" is directed towards entertainment executive David Geffen.

Since the song came out in the 70s, folks have always speculated who Carly wrote the song for. Guesses ranged from Warren Beatty to Mick Jagger to Cat Stevens. In a remade version of the song on Carly's newest album, apparently if you pay close attention, you can hear her whisper the name "David".

David was the head of Carly's record label at the time the song was written, and some say she was ticked that David spent all his time promoting her arch rival Joni Mitchell.

The Sun has a clip of the evidence on their site, and it sort of sounds like she's saying David but than not.

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