Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shame Shame Shame On You!

"This morning, Gucci Group told WWD that a private funeral, for family member’s only, will be held in London today in honor of Alexander McQueen.

As for a public memorial, that will happen later on this year, since they’re busy focusing on the Paris show– a statement that’s absurd, disrespectful and disturbing.

A memorial should come before the bottom line and the profit-related concerns. Perhaps someone should stop and consider that holding off for a season or two might bode better for the brand’s success in the long run.

Meanwhile, in happier McQueen related news, Daphne Guinness will put her collection on display at FIT next September. She and Valerie Steele will curate the exhibition and focus on Daphne’s personal style. Plenty of Comme des Garcons, Balenciaga and Alaia will be included with her McQueen pieces."

Headline says it all kiddas!

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