Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keith Haring x Tommy Hilfiger Arrives at Colette

"Another week, another collaboration.

Tommy Hilfiger and the Keith Haring foundation launched a line of shoes at Colette today. They’ll be on sale for two weeks at the Parisian concept store, with a broader release set for the autumn of this year.

Their lovechild consists of sneakers and Wellington boots covered in Haring’s most famous paintings.

There are skinny tennis shoes with the Barking Dog and chunky rain boots with the Dancing Man for men, women, and their trendy children.

This is, of course, yet another attempt on Hilfiger’s behalf to regain its fashion cred. But what’s the big difference between this and the Mona Lisa underwear available at the Louvre?" Fashionista

Underoos are one accessory(whether you choose to wear em or not.) But some neat wellies never hurt no one. I want a pair! Si si para me.

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