Saturday, February 27, 2010

Advertorial So Finely Masked

Over at Fashionista, Journalist Brittany had dinner with former Fashionista editor Natalie Hormilla last night, and the topic of Vogue came up.

Natalie: Have you seen Dior’s advertorial in the new Vogue?

Britt: Nope, though I haven’t read the whole thing.

Natalie: It features Lauren Remington-Platt and her sister–and it’s so weird.

Britt: I think I did see that, I thought it was editorial. It’s an ad?

Natalie: Yes, but it copies Vogue’s format down to the last detail including fonts and photo captions. Lauren and her sister awkwardly talk about playing in their mom’s couture as kids and how essential Dior is to their night on the town and I can’t figure out why they agreed to do this, why Vogue agreed to run it, and who thought it be a good idea.

Britt: I like how it mentions, “Fortunately, like any good modern-day princess, each sister understands the importance of giving back,” but then they talk about dinner parties.

Natalie: This is a really weird way to sell something. Do you think the girls thought they’d be the new face of Dior when they signed this contract?

Britt: Maybe. I’ve never seen propaganda so well disguised as editorial.

Could've fooled me!

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