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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Warriors by Vincent Nord

'Reindeer antlers add a Christmassy touch to ‘Warriors’ by photographer Vincent Nord and stylist Alexis Knox. Tribal warrior sensibility mixes with playful poses in this editorial which appears in the current issue of Notion mag.' -Homotography

Models: Chris, Orientha, Lizzy, Asheena, Alex & Jamie. Hair by Noel Gibbins, Makeup by Kirka Verinen.

Luke Worrall by JM Ferrater, Metal

'Luke Worrall was lensed by JM Ferrater for the new issue of Metal magazine. I am definitely diggin the soft and whimsical effect that thee entire editorial conveys.

Below I have some behind the scenes outtakes from the shoot. Including a short fashion film right above you.


Here is Mika's newest single 'Rain' from the album 'THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH'

Max Rogers, Inside Out by Alexander Beer

'Photographer Alexander Beer follows his Scream editorial in Fantasticsmag with another eye-catching one titled, Inside Out. The editorial features model Max Rogers [Storm] with interesting styling by Claire Woods and makeup by Ruth Frances.' -Homotography

Amanda Seyfried Part 2: Letters To Juilet

Here's Amanda Seyfried's second of three films(which I spoke off a few days ago) all coming out within a 5 month span of eachother. The film also stars Gael Garcia Bernal...

Ageism & Sexism Are Everywhere..!

Sandra Bullock sports a faux mustache on the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly.

The 'Practical Magic' actress (Haha yes I said it! It's one of my first memories of seeing Sandra on film) is having the best year of her career with two huge hits (The Proposal and The Blind Side), which I hear is amazing and have yet to see. The Blind Side is also getting Oscar buzz.

Sandra hopes that the ticket sales for The Blind Side will result in more well-told stories starring grown women. “Sexism is everywhere,” she says. “Ageism is everywhere. But you know what? It’s about making money. And look at what Sarah Jessica Parker did with Sex and the City. Look at what Meryl Streep is doing every other week! The proof is in the pudding. I didn’t have the ‘Oh my God, I’m not working because I’m 40.’ I was working when I was 40. I’ve never had this many opportunities in my lifetime.”

Francisco Lachowski by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia

'Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski continues his ascent in the world of fashion photography. His latest is this editorial ‘i miss you timothy’ by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia for TO2W. The styling is by Lorenzo Posocco. '

Snoop Dogg Lends His Voice To GPS Systems

Tired of the boring voices on GPS tracking systems telling you where to go? Don’t fret my velveteen rabbits, Snoop Dogg to the rescue!

The 38-year-old rapper has lent his voice out to GPS company TomTom, providing two versions of voice overs. According to NowPublic, “one is Rated G - without swearing and somewhat understandable and one has tons of swearing and is hardly understandable.”

Snoop said, “Its really because when I be riding the car and I be hearing the boring ass lady that be doing all the time it bothering me. She’s always turning my music down and being like, ‘turn left, go right, straight ahead.’”

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

We survived Monday. We accomplished Tuesday. We've mastered Wednesday and Thursday. As every week. And on a certain cold and foggy morning of Friday something will be different.

Scandalous Maybach Campaign by David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle brings his fantastic over the top touch to the new Maybach ad campaign with the one and only Daphne Guinness. The “Exposure of Luxury” (below) focuses on the Maybach Zeppelin limited special edition while “Berlin Stories” (above) takes us back in time to the 1930s with the Maybach Zeppelin DS 8.

Daimler explains in the press release, "The renowned American photographer has chosen to collaborate with style icon Daphne Guinness to portray both vehicles in his signature fashion. With creative freedom entrusted to LaChapelle by Maybach, he created photos that whisk the observer to a world filled with luxurious extravagance that features LaChapelle's celebrated surreal tableaux."

Dear John(Edit)

Directed by: Lasse Halström
Based on the novel by: Best-selling author Nicholas Sparks.

DEAR JOHN tells the story of John Tyree, a young soldier home on leave, and Savannah Curtis, the idealistic college student he falls in love with during her spring vacation. Over the next seven tumultuous years, the couple is separated by Johns increasingly dangerous deployments. While meeting only sporadically, they stay in touch by sending a continuous stream of letters overseas...correspondence that eventually triggers fateful consequences.

It's no secret that I am a huge
Amanda Seyfried fan. So I was quite ecstatic to learn yesterday, while sitting in the theatre during the trailer previews, she has not one but THREE films coming out within next 5 months! A young hollywood actress who follows to the beat of her own rhythm and chooses superbly written and produced films to be a part off. Within the next couple weeks I shall feature all three film trailers...For starters here is 'Dear John'

Aesthetes Alike

The Drums by Hedi Slimane

NY band The Drums has the honor of being photographed by Hedi Slimane. The band consists of four members, Jonathan Pierce (vocals), Jacob Graham (guitar), Adam Kessler (guitar), and Connor Hanwick (drums).

The Drums explain of their music, ”We only write about two feelings: one is the first day of summer when you and all of your friends are standing on the edge of a cliff watching the sun set and being overcome with all of your hopes and dreams at once. The other is when you're walking alone in the rain and realize you will be alone forever.”

The Drums are:
Jonathan Pierce - The Singin'
Jacob Graham - The Stringin'
Adam Kessler - The Twangin'
Connor Hanwick - The Bangin'

Here is a music video that I Dig and a tune I've had shuffling on my ipod for quite sometime now...

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