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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Indulgence of every whim

Here is the first video from Imogen Heap's new album being released August 25th
entitled, 'Canvas'. The video was shot by Tom Kelly.

Imogen's apparent inspiration for this video came from a gentleman she spotted up north painting a black canvas with white paint in the vast snow which really moved her and later made a tune from that experience...and thee accompanying video is here to set justice to her alluring song!

Both suttle and bold. This video is relatable to many degrees.
An abstract manner of thinking.


Mick Jaggger. Rock God. Legend. Sex pot.
*Gotta love the knee-do's!

Picture hunt a la mayhem

Now, photographers occasionally ask models, like myself, if we're open to do "body shots/semi-nude pictorials"

And this is how I usually reply...

Friday, July 31, 2009

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I Am A Golden God!

Mika returns on September 21 with a new album entitled, We Are Golden. The follow-up to 2007's Life In Cartoon Motion. Produced by Mika along with Greg Wells. Guests include Imogen Heap, Owen Pallett and Stuart Price. Should be something S'marvelous. Outta the typical indeed!

I was a boy at an open door
Why you staring
Do you still think that you know?
Looking for treasure
In the things that you threw
Like a magpie
I live for glitter, not you

Who gives a damn about the family you come from?
I'm not givin up cause i'm young and I want some.

To be or not to be.

Sienna Miller delivers some truth in the new issue of Nylon magazine, on why she chose G.I. Joe over thee expected indie projects she is known to conquer...

"It’s really exciting to be in a film that people actually want to go and see! I was having to pay people to see my movies!… certain really great directors have wanted to do films with me, but unless you’ve had a film that’s opened with a certain amount of money, you’re not bankable to studios… if you want to make amazing, artistic films, you’ve got to have some sort of box office credibility, which I don’t have."

And there you have it. Truth be told. To be or not to be.

Some honey from my honey pot.

An Aid for Relaxation.


"There is nothing either fundamentally good, nor anything fundamentally evil; everything is relative, relative to our point of view . . . This point once established, it is extremely possible that something, perfectly indifferent in itself, may be indeed distasteful in your eyes, but may be most delicious in mine; and immediately I find it pleasing, immediately I find it amusing, regardless of our inability to agree in assigning a character to it, should I not be a fool to deprive myself of it merely because you condemn it?"

- The Marquis de Sade from The 120 Days of Sodom

Earlace ???

Tre-Chic or Tre-Fool ?

Newbie designer Dechel McKillion at The Frisky on 80s Purple is featuring these new accesory do's. Now I dont have my ears pierced at the moment, but seeing these sure gives me inspiration for a future photoshoto. Although i'm not much of an earring person in general...I go through phases and then eventually get over 'em. But yet I’m somewhat intrigued by the idea.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

She Wolf.

Taken straight from Webster's dictionary.
Freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your belief or trust in one's own powers; "spoken and acting with authority"

A video that demands all aesthets to declare triumph and resolution from the pale comparisons to videos being released by artist's nowadays!
ALL, and I do mean all, female artist's in the industry should sit-down and take note on how it's done. Love her or ignore her...

It's original.
It's uninhibited.
It's Shakira .

Stupid C#!T

Apparetnly a couple days ago, Dame Judi Dench was "crossing Shaftesbury Ave in London on her way to rehearsal for a new project on Tuesday and was almost run down by a speeding taxi. The taxi driver shouted to her out of the window, 'You stupid cunt!'. Dame Judi responded with, ”That's Dame Cunt to you!”



So this is my second post featuring Britian's newest pop-soul singing sensation VV Brown. The video is immensely exquisite. Besides the proper attire and serene gotta dig the over-dramatized concept for the video! Whether we claim to avoid it, love it or not, drama is always awaiting...Now the lesson in this tutorial is quite simple, cheaters never prosper! And you will be caught. Now ladies and gentleman if you turn a blind eye towards your significant other's bad bad doings than fool you once shame on em, fool you twice shame on you.

Peace and Love.

V V Brown - Shark in the Water

Below are the behind the scenes footage from VV's second video single "Leave". Alluring and exuberant!

No expectations.
Enjoy the record.
Concentrate on the musique.


To live in a world where the idea of war is unknown.
I read this following article and found it quite moving...

"There has been a lot of debate among historians on whether or not the US bombing of Hiroshima was, in the long run, a necessity to end World War II, but there is no debate about how devastating the event and its after effects were.

Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake grew up in Hiroshima and was there during the bombings. He later lost his mother to radiation exposure, and understandably does not like dwelling on the event.

But after President Obama’s recent hopes to rid our modern world of nuclear weapons, Miyake wrote a moving piece for The New York Times in which he hopes that this is the beginning of the end of nuclear warfare.

We were particularly touched by how his past influences his thoughts on fashion. He writes, “I have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to put [the memories] behind me, preferring to think of things that can be created, not destroyed, and that bring beauty and joy. I gravitated toward the field of clothing design, partly because it is a creative format that is modern and optimistic.”

We have always seen fashion as art, and one that impacts everyone day-to-day. But for those that think fashion is frivolous, this is just another example of how important it can be and the way it brings life and happiness to those that love it."

Friendly Fire

New Single!
Take a peak...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Cheap and Juicy!

Oh how Ive waited patiently for this evening...
I shall be seeing the wife at the El Rey theatre to-to-tonight!

And afterwards...

La Roux's record release shindig.

"...La Roux is one of the most brilliantly bonkers pop stars to come out of Britain in the last twenty years. The ebullient personality; the space-aged quiff; the traces of alluring androgyny. In the current climate of manufactured pop music, La Roux resembles the 21st centuries very own Thin White Duchess."

Im a child of yesterday and tomorrow

Come drive with me, lets drive lets drive awaaaayyy !

The Best Things In Life Are...

"Created by designers or individuals who take us away from the dreadful reality and try to position themselves in our world as...Hey I choose to live in my world-kind-of-mentality should always be given a pat on the back or tolerated at any cost."

This is one of the most spellbinding shows Galliano has ever done on behalf of his menswear division over the past few seasons. The electrifying concepts and the "pure orgy of visuals and ideas would be hard to ignore." Galliano's extraordinary ideas are never compromised with his eponymous label.


Exquisite. Claire Denamur.

I was walking to Marc Jacobs thee other day and found it quite pleasing to hear a girl strumming her guitar and singing lovely tunes in the besiding store to Marc's. Now although the practically unknown singer im featuring below has no relation to the lady i'm speaking off...I thought id share with you kidda's an example of what i experienced and more imporantly showcase the fine quality that is, Claire Denamur!

Jean Charles de Castelbajac's

Here with a suit with the Sesame Street gang on it and it pretty much reassures me of the pleasure of being young and innocent.

"Hockey" Learn to Lose

So here's a new band that caught my attention for the simple fact that their musique and videos are catchy and freely wild.

Who Is La Roux...Get to know her

"It's just, if you really wanna stand-out and look different, than you do have to make the EFFORT to kind of find pieces that are a bit out there and are hard to find."

Fashion is Art. It's a kind of Wanderlust. To be or not to be is not the question but the simple truth.

Yes, Elly said it. H&M.Dare I even say it..Ross.21.
And it's not about the cost boys and girls because that's only an excuse for the individuals who are simply lazy to place forth the energy. There are S'marvelous outlets to finding unique & explosive threads for a reasonable price.

Now we move on...
Here, Elly Jackson performs the first single Quicksand acoustically.

And last but certainly the most's a track that is featured as a bonus track from La Roux's Debut Album(and a tune I've had on repeat since last week)

Monday, July 27, 2009

English Brogues, I Fancy You!

The brogue.

So i've owned a pair of knock-off grey patent-leather brogues that were given to me(ehh,no need to mention names)last year. To my shock, they came in more use than i had anticipated. Paring em with more opportunities with my summer wardrobe, like my House Of Holland White with ginormous black has become a sort of luxury for myself. Apparently, we're due to see 'em in men’s shoe stores come fall(Barney's).

These gnarley-rific heart shaped cut-outs with velvet laces bring a sense of fun to the traditional Brogue.


Psychedelia and blow-trips give a re-brith to an unexpectedly return from the group that is, Kasabian. Besides the simple fact that I can't seem to shake their album from playing over and over again on my itouch... love -em or ignore-em, they have achieved what many other groups have failed to do. They’ve created a re-invention of enthusiasm around their latest effort. And with tracks featured'll no longer be a mystery to your virgin ears.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dancing 'til the morning on a velvet sky

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has just given birth to her second child, but by no means, is she intending to slow-down! I don't know about you kidda's, but I've been waiting for some new and inventive dance-floor pick me-ups for quite sometime now. Although there is an array of " dance :/ " musique floating through the airwaves and spinning at your local pub...there is a sense of self-indulgence. Dance musique has seen a revival since early 08'. It's only recently that the big wigs at record labels and promoters have taken a financial interest. What all this has done is create an army of imitators. But there has, and will always be the true trendsetters that continue to keep that disco-ball spinning! As for Sophie, we'll have to wait for her next album a bit longer! In the meantime we have this marvelous track "Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer" that has Freemason on deck to show some support! And a video that commands attention doesn't hurt the least bit either.

I'm not what I was last summer

A serving of honey from my pot.

"And while the city sleeps
I won't weep because I didn't keep
My boyfriend and the summer's is here again
And the leaves are golden
Under the grand silver birch tree

While we're thinking bout the people we meet
Dancing feet, wasters on the cover of a magazine
People you've kissed, people you lust
And the one's that you might not
Ever remember what's the use

Not who I was in the spring
Tell me, tell me, tell me when will we learn
We love it and we leave it and we watch it burn
Damn my wild young heart

Cause, I'm not what I was last September
And I don't wear the same robes in May
I know we shouldn't do it, but we do it anyway
We know we might regret it but it seemed ok
Damn my wild young heart

If now is forever then what's to prove
Cause it won't be the same next summer
And I won't look for you next spring
Somebody tell me, tell me, tell me, when will I learn
I love it and I leave it and I watch it burn
Damn this wild young heart !
I told you damn this wild young heart of mine!"

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