Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gareth Pugh

'It’s one thing to watch a fashion documentary that peeks inside a designer’s studio and a very different thing to stand over a designer while he or she builds something from scratch.

Gareth Pugh's moving into the studio space within ShowStudio’s Bruton Street shop in London. He’ll be there through the weekend crafting a totally exclusive, one of a kind look, “a unique interpretation of his SS10 collection.”

Of course, since this is ShowStudio, the whole thing will be broadcast live at once he gets started and afterward, Nick Knight will shoot the look in the shop before it’s sold.

If you were waiting for the perfect excuse to invest in some Pugh, this is it. Otherwise, have fun dreaming.' -Fashionistas

I on the otherhand, have no reason to dream, for I own my very own Mister Gareth Pugh top!

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