Tuesday, November 3, 2009

File Under: It's Bai Ling!

About a year ago, one of Bai Ling's ex-boyfriends gave her a $30,000 cheetah-cat as a gift. Bai named him Quiji (pronounced chee-jee). According to Bai, Quiji's dad is a cheetah and her mother is a regular ol' domestic cat.

Bai has said that Quiji is her soulmate, because she firmly believes she was a wild cat in her past life, "In my previous life, I was a cheetah or leopard or some sort of really wild and dangerous animal in nature. But the thing is, Quiji is really the most affectionate, even compared to human beings." A little too affectionate, because she tried to eat one of Bai's nipples! Bai explained, "I sleep naked ... She was kissing me, and suddenly, she woke up. She saw my nipple, and oh my God, she went for it. If I wasn't fast, my nipple is gone. She thought it was a toy or something."

And there you have it kiddas...if you didn't already know than now you know! Keep all predators outside the bedroom(when sleeping naked of course ;)

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