Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wallpaper* Undresses Baptiste Giabocini by Karl Lagerfeld

Love him or hate him(I prefer to love), and there seems to be plenty of the latter, Baptiste Giabocini, is currently the #1 male model according to MDC. While many question his hype and modeling abilities, the blogosphere keeps talking about him and he books some very interesting gigs. Following his unorthodox naked in high heels shoot in the new Purple Fashion, the 19 year-old French model who is the current Karl Lagerfeld muse/toy-boy stars on the innovative cover of the new October 2009 issue of Wallpaper*. Shot by Lagerfeld, the issue features a special peelable cover that undresses the Dior Homme clad model and leaves him nude.

Baptiste also stars in an inside ‘historical themed’ 27-page editorial by Lagerfeld that was shot in Rome, Paris and other European cities. Here are some of the images, including a full frontal of a nude Mr. Giabocini.

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