Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In a low context culture, a lot of things are direct to the point. In other ways they are further manifested through being written, verbalised and being well-articulated. But In this regard, I'd like to present to you Razorlight's two videos for their single Hostage of Love.

The promotional vid above shows a kind of sixties vibe reminiscent of the early material from the Rolling Stones kind of feel. I could not speak in entirety of that era as I was born two decades later but somehow that's how the video presents itself to moi.

And then came this official video of sorts which rather felt like every visual was meant to directly imply the lyrics of the song. In most cases, the literal can excessively be tiring for an active mind, one that always loves to create a discourse with everything that is to be consumed. In any case, I do believe Razorlight should have just sticked to the black and white video. This one is clearly a major disappointment. It's like where did all the creativity go? But babbling the obvious often times gets too annoying...

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