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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Johan Akesson

Johan Akesson. I'd love to wear these shoes of his while attending a show in Paris but I think I'd need a kidda of mine who won't get drunk before me to make sure I won't be going home with bruises and scratches as a compensation. They do not look so easy to wear but you know there are some things I'd like to make an effort amidst all the absurdity. It's always good to see individuals making a conscious effort to challenge our conventions on how we men should dress and I'm pretty much convinced that the effort to try on their works is always worth it. So, if things get crazier I'd be likely to go for them. I will always find ways towards this kind of insanity. Challenge is always good and a male consumer should look at more ways to redefine himself. Perhaps going through many different looks like Patrick Wolf could be some inspiration. Finalement, I rather like making things complicated and I feel safer in that kind of territory where nothing is at it seems or on the literal level.

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