Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Betty & Francois Catroux

Source: Retro Vintage Mod Style

Betty & Francois Catroux.

Fall has already begun in some parts of the world, and with its wardrobes and outfits...we will experience a transition also. So goodbye for now to the light fabrics and welcome back to the turtlenecks, double breasted jackets, velvet suits!

'In February 1968, French model and Yves Saint Laurent muse, Betty Catroux (Betty Saint) married French decorator, Francois Catroux. The wedding took place in Cap Ferrat. It can be considered as an "original wedding" since the bride skipped the traditional white dress and opted for a black and white Pierre Cardin fur coat paired with patent leather boots. The groom also broke the tradition by wearing a chocolate velvet suit with a white turtleneck.'

Definitely a late 60s Mod wedding.

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